Notice suspicious or irregular activity on your bank account? You can now self-deactivate your account from anywhere, with ease.

No one likes to hear stories when it comes to their hard-earned money. So, your bank account definitely ranks high on your most prized possessions. We understand that over here at Carbon. And that is why our latest feature update is one we are super excited about - account deactivation via our web portal! 💃

What does this mean?

The introduction of the self-deactivation portal means that once you notice suspicious activity going on with your bank account, you can quickly…

Carbon Zero Update: We’ve Got Good News 🎉

Based on popular demand from our customers, Carbon Zero is now available to more people. We have reduced the minimum salary cap to ₦120k, from ₦200k. This means there is a good chance you are now eligible to get the things you need the most in installments at 0% interest. 🎊

So, if you had earlier tried to purchase an item with Carbon Zero but could not complete your application due to the previous salary cap, now is a great time to try again!

There is a lot to choose from…

A few weeks ago, we sent a survey to our customers. We asked them to tell us what they love about the Carbon app and what they wanted to see going forward. In response, many people said they wanted cashback on all loans.

Well, we listened and now everyone gets cashback! 🎉

With this new upgrade, you can get up to 30% of your interest just for paying back on time. Each month you make a repayment on its due date Carbon credits your account with your cashback in return — money back every time you pay back on time.

Communication is an integral part of our lives, evident in the penetration and volume of messaging happening across various social media platforms. According to this research, 79% of the world’s internet population is on at least one social media platform.

We’re all spending most of our time on social messaging apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc, and it is only natural that some of the conversations we have on these platforms have to do with money. 💰

At Carbon, we’re bridging the social financial services gap with the launch of Carbon Express, a keyboard-based solution that provides you with…

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The theme for this year is “Each for Equal” which is drawn from a notion of ‘Collective Individualism.’

The idea is that we are all parts of a whole. Our actions, conversations, behaviours and mindsets can have an impact on our larger society. Collectively, we can make change happen, and help to create a gender-equal world.

To celebrate this day at Carbon, we had an internal event on Friday, 6th March with the sole aim of educating all staff members on the importance…

Hi there,

First of all, thank you for trusting us as your financial partner. We’re grateful and also feel a deep sense of responsibility towards you.

Along with the rest of the world, we’ve been concerned about the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus globally and the negative economic impact it will likely have. To continue to serve as many customers as possible whilst being responsible to the Carbon team, we’ll be making a few changes.

In summary:

  • We are targeting 100% working from home for all Carbon staff to minimise the likelihood of infection. …

You’ve promised (and failed!) yourself to invest money more times than you can count. 😩

But don’t worry — it’s not just you. It’s a common problem most of us face.

To actually invest money, it takes a bit more than telling yourself “I’ll do it today”, or “from next week, we move”. Procrastination often sets in, and so you need an extra push to help you help yourself.

At Carbon, one of our major goals is to ensure that you have all you need to live a healthy financial life and grow your wealth while you’re at it. …

It’s that time of the year when everyone is working towards their goals. If starting a side business happens to be one of yours, this article is for you.

Side hustles may be difficult to get off the ground due to many reasons, such as lack of time, resources needed to set it up, and of course, money.

Today, we’ll highlight a few ways you can fund your idea, and build the business you’ve been thinking about.

But before we start, it’s important that we define the term “Side Hustle”

A side hustle is something you’re the boss of —…

Decisions around investing money can be difficult to make, as there are different types of investments and platforms offering all sorts of returns. Some promising, some simply fraudulent.

The uncertainty that comes with multiple options can cause many people to stay as far away as possible.

“How do I know I’ll do it right? What if I get scammed?” 😱

One of the core reasons for this fear are widely held but false beliefs or ideas that have grown up around investing.

Here are five myths that could be holding you back, and the truth that might encourage you to…

At Carbon, our yearly reviews are called Financial Statements — look out for our 2019 release by Q2 this year.

But just so we are not accused of not being a fintech company, (as yearly reviews are how you know them) here’s a summary of our last year.


  • launched in Kenya — Tuko Pamoja! 🇰🇪
  • launched Cashback rewards for customers who repaid on time — over ₦130mm returned so far 🤑
  • became PCI-DSS certified 🔐
  • went low to ₦10 transfers when others stayed high! 📉
  • did ₦51bn in bills & payments, ₦2.8bn …


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