Innovation on Wheels: the CleverPet Hub meets the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs

Mar 8, 2017 · 3 min read

We recently became part of a video displaying a concept car, the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs, which generated a lot of conversation about how the auto industry can improve its offerings for those of us who crave technology for our furry friends. Our first product, the CleverPet Hub, is included as a “smart dog treat bowl” alongside other dog-friendly features like a wash-and-dry setup, a ramp that allows for easy four-legged access, and a two-way camera for the driver to check in on precious cargo while at the wheel.

Of course we’re excited to be part of this idea and be represented in a concept that puts innovations in the front seat — well, in this case, in the back seat; nevertheless, dogs are at the forefront of this car’s purpose.

Our team had a lot to say about this concept car and chatted for a while about our favorite parts of the video (besides, of course, the Hub). Here are the things we found most captivating about this concept car:

Video is a Nice Touch

“The built in camera for the trunk is a nice touch that would make me more comfortable with my dogs being so far back there. At least I could see what they are doing.”
–Philip, Co-Founder and CPO (Clever Product Officer)

“I get carsick if I’m not careful, so I’d like to be able to see what my dog is doing in the back seat without having to turn around. It might sound trivial, but we pack up the whole family a few times a year and drive 5 hours to see my parents — a camera like this is very convenient for me.”
–Jen, Head of Marketing

Thumbs Up for the Ramp

“The retractable ramp is a great innovation for any dog owner. Now dogs of every size, shape, and age can get into their cars without any help, and humans who have trouble helping their dogs into a car can also benefit!”
–Alyssa, Customer Happiness Specialist

Comfort For Pups, Too

“The easy-to-clean padding in the back is smart. Forget about calling “shotgun,” I want to ride in back with the pups!”
–Dan, Co-Founder and CTO/CSO (Clever Technology/Science Officer)

It Makes Dogs Happy

“We love everything that makes it easier for people to make their dogs happy. If having this car means dogs get even just a few more trips outside, it’s worth it.”
–Leo, Co-Founder and CEO

Overall, our team agreed that they’d be happy to drive a car so focused on the needs of our canine family members. While it’s unlikely that this concept car will become reality anytime soon, we hope to see more innovations from the auto industry aimed at transporting our dogs more safely and comfortably.


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