Top 10 Messages People Send Using GetClose

For folks not knowing what GetClose is:

We let people Get Sh** Done! We save users time…LOTS of time!

We let people Message ANY Business, and Get a Quick Response :-)

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Customers using GetClose have the same reactions after their 1st experience:

  1. WOW!
  2. I LOVE IT!

Yet, Folks often ask: What type of message should I send to a business?

TOP 10 Messages Users Send to Businesses via GetClose:

10.) What are your hours today (typically a holiday when lots of businesses are closed)?

9.) Your service was amazing, can I suggest changing xyz…

8.) Can I make a reservation for X people tonight?

7.) What are your specials today?

6.) We are running 30 minutes late, yet will still be there.

5.) How busy are you right now/Do you have any wait right now?

4.) Do you have this product in stock right now?

3.) I would like to order food To Go…

2.) How much does X cost?

  1. ) I need to make/change/cancel an appointment

D/L GetClose — Get Sh** Done!

Happy Messaging…


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