Enhancing Customer Experience: The Call Centre Story

On the surface level, social media customer care seems to have become the standard norm for communication between a brand and its customers. Prying a little deeper, however, even the biggest of brands — such as Amazon and Zappos — continue to deliver the finest of call centre services.

Let’s face it. It is still second-nature for many customers to ring up call centres, which provide for a more personal one-on-one interactive session. With call centres shouldering a fair share of customer complaints and queries, delivering a great customer experience across this channel has never been more critical to an organization’s success. The brands that have truly embraced the need to wow a customer on a complaint call are proven to experience an improvement in customer retention and loyalty.

Like any other customer journey, every contact centre has an on-boarding phase, an interaction phase and also an exit phase. But in contrast to the due diligence and patience customers generally reserve for shopping, swift and effective solutions are demanded post-purchase.

Basically, there are two stark pain points to a call centre customer experience which are listed below.

  1. Customers are made to endure multiple call transfers just to connect to the right department
  2. The call centre personnel aren’t polite and fail to empathise with the customer and his problem.

Such unpleasant episodes not only frustrate the customer but it also adds to his vitriol against your brand.

With a bit more deliberation on the first point, brands should realise that time is an indispensable part of what adds to a smooth call centre customer experience. In a sincere attempt to cut down any wastage of time, Eastern Bank recently became the first in their vertical in North America to install voice biometrics at their call centres. Customers can now have their identities authenticated in a matter of seconds, circumventing the frustration of having to answer a long list of routine questions before placing forth their queries. Time is of utmost importance to your customer. However, a majority of call centres are yet to realise this.

Weighing equal importance is the demeanour of the personnel towards the customer. Employees who are understanding and polite are likely to resonate better with customers. At the same time, a wide knowledge base and the ability to solve queries with ease and efficiency are also must-haves when companies recruit people for this role.

How Customer Feedback can Enhance Call Centre Customer Experience?

Under no illusions whatsoever, redesigning your call centre customer experience based on a customer-centric strategy is a long process. One of the main inputs to this process is a fresh perspective — that of your customer. And there is no better means to obtain the customer’s perspective than by recording customer feedback. Customer feedback helps you review processes and procedures not just from a different angle but also with a lot more data on your plate.

Ask the right questions to your customers and find valuable inputs that could assist you in creating a much improved customer experience. How long is the waiting time before the call reaches the concerned department? Are the employees quick to understand and solve your issue? Was the automated voice system enough to solve your queries or did you have to speak to an employee?

An added feature here is the provision to respond to customer feedback in real-time. Your willingness to recognise and rectify mistakes as and when they happen portray the true intention of your brand and of your customer service, of which call centres are an integral part: to care for the customer.

In the times we are living in, customer service is important than ever. Brands have to put up with numerous query and complaint calls every day where each one of them is as important as the other. And so the core customer experience that you are able to provide over a simple phone call speaks volumes about your organization’s willingness to place the customer before everything else.

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