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The fastest way to find the exact info you need.

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Stories about app overload and silo’d tool sets and scattered information are everywhere these days. It’s the water we’re all swimming in, and many companies have emerged to help fix the problem. But we want to go a step further — don’t just find the document you want. Find the exact piece of data you need to take immediate action across a fuller array of tools you use every minute — like Salesforce, LinkedIn, Intercom, and more.

Command E is blazing fast search for everything in your cloud and computer: Google Drive, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Evernote, Trello, Notion, Jira, Asana, Hubspot, Greenhouse, you name it, all searchable super fast from one keyboard shortcut. You just hit command+e and a single interface will pop up and let you instantly search anywhere.

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With Command E, people spend 50% less time searching, saving hours per week.

We started working on Command E after seeing some of our most capable friends lose significant time and grow frustrated as they dealt with the friction of moving between tabs and apps to do their jobs. For many of them, speed is the decider between who wins and who fails. It’s the ultimate competitive advantage.

But whether they needed to move from an email in their inbox to Salesforce to update an Opportunity record when the status of an important deal changed, pull a LinkedIn profile back up before a call, or track down a Google Doc to run a meeting off, it usually involved a slow 5-step, manual point-and-click navigation to get there. All this despite the fact that they immediately knew where they needed to go next — it was just their tooling getting in the way.

Seeing this daily friction was particularly frustrating to us because as engineers, we have great tooling that lets us move as fast as our brains can. We can move through hundreds of files in our code editors instantly: just hit one keyboard shortcut, type a fragment of the next file name into the search box that pops up, hit enter, and we’re on with our day in less than a second. No friction, no distractions encountered en route — just one simple pattern without any cost to context switching.

We’re bringing that simple, bulletproof experience to all knowledge workers. There’s an abundance of cloud apps and finding files and records across them is a challenge that only gets worse over time. It’s time for everyone to have a single, blazing fast search tool across all the tools you rely on. That’s Command E.

We’ve been heads down working closely with a small group of early beta users — they’re now spending 50% less time searching for stuff, saving literally hours over the course of their week. Emboldened by their feedback, we’ve built out a world-class team and we’re now opening up our beta to more teams.

Interested? Sign up to reserve your spot, we’d love to get you flying through your workday soon.

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The fastest way to find the exact info you need.

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