Dashing Platform Leverages the Power of Blockchain Technology to Provide Automated Ecosystem Solution for the Home Services Industry

Dashing, a new blockchain-based platform aiming to revolutionize the burgeoning home services industry, is preparing to launch its SEC offering ahead of the planned launch of its platform on the Ethereum blockchain. With conservative estimates putting the US home services market at more than $400 billion annually, Dashing is offering a blockchain-powered, automated ecosystem that is ideally positioned to disrupt the fragmented and largely technologically untapped home services industry.

Current issues plaguing the home services industry revolve around review transparency, inadequate screening, and a limited framework for customers and service providers to interact. Existing large service providers such as Amazon Home Services and Home Advisor operate in a highly fragmented market. Dashing will provide a seamless framework in a trustless environment where neither party needs to trust the other because all information is independently verified and immutably stored on the blockchain. By focusing on contract life-cycle management and reducing transactional friction, Dashing and its GetDashing application remove current industry barriers formed from platform models targeting either matchmaking or competitive bidding.

Dashing enables transparent and provably immutable reviews, automated user verification, and a proprietary trust score model based on a variety of on-chain and off-chain metrics. It eliminates trade-offs and trust issues inherently prevalent in current home services platforms that lead to sacrificing trust, speed, and pricing.

Users will also have the luxury of utilizing the built-in functionality of an automated peer dispute resolution layer where arbiters handle dispute resolutions in a framework where the self interests of all parties are economically aligned, allowing for objectively fair outcomes reached in a trustless environment. Managing the entire life cycle of contract interactions between parties affords substantial operational efficiencies and price advantages. Customers can be assured that they are receiving the highest quality service at the best price with confidence that the peer dispute layer will fairly settle any and all disputes that arise through an efficient and automated process, backed by cryptoeconomic incentive mechanisms.

The trust scoring model of the platform solves a fundamental problem of current platforms where companies have full discretion to manipulate data to maximize their outcomes. Additionally, the trust model uses a combination of both trust platform and peer trust mechanisms. Peer trust details include the number of completed transactions and the frequency of arbitrations stored on-chain, while more private information such as ID validation from trust platforms is stored off-chain, utilizing technology such as IPFS distributed storage.

Blockchain technology has the potential to significantly disrupt numerous contemporary markets. As the home services industry continues to grow, there is opportunity for a ubiquitous solution to come along. Dashing is poised to become that solution.

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