Here’s how photo sharing can be so much more

With ‘yet another’ photo-sharing app, that’s nothing like the ones before it.

Around 2 billion photos are shared on Facebook alone every day. That’s a lot of photos. An estimate says that we might end up sharing more than 3 trillion photos this year.

It is already established that photos are a very major part of our online lives, as much as living the instances in those photos is a part of our offline lives. But how much of an instance we live is actually captured by the photos we share online? Photos for most of us are reminders of the memories we may have lived. But in the current format of sharing photos, photos cannot convey on their own, our memories attached to them, to the other people seeing those photos. That changes with Describe.

Every time you share a photo on Describe, you can also record a tiny video of yourself telling the backstory of that photo. We call this new format, the Hybrid Content Format. A format in which two different types of content, like photos and videos, come together to make something enriched and more engaging. Let us look at a few impressions of the new possibilities Describe brings with it:

#Journalism #News #CitizenJournalism

A news ‘photo’ shared elsewhere (L) vs. a news ‘story’ shared on Describe (R).

Describe removes the text out of news. It transforms news into small, compelling, visually-rich packages that are quite information dense, and yet lighter to consume than textual articles; and much easier to produce than video news. More importantly, Describe makes news stories more engaging and relatable, since each story in Describe is delivered personally by an individual.

#Travel #Vacation #Tourism #Places

A travel ‘photo’ shared elsewhere (L) vs. a travel ‘memory’ shared on Describe (R).

Travelling isn’t as much about seeing places, as it is about experiencing them. There might be a million identical photos of the Golden Gate Bridge, taken by different individuals, but the experience or the memories each of those individuals have about the place may be different. Describe lets you very efficiently capture and share both the beauty of a place and your experience of seeing it.

#Photography #Moments #Stories #Life

A photograph ‘shared’ elsewhere (L) vs. a photograph ‘showed’ on Describe (R).

Sharing photos has become the one defining habitual trait that we have come to identify our generation with. But a closer inspection shows that all the photos we share collectively, still do not depict the complete picture about us. If they could, then something like #HumansOfNewYork wouldn’t have become so popular, because there’s no dearth of such photos on the internet already. The difference about them was the stories behind each of the photos shared. Describe allows each person taking photos, hobbyist or professional, to tell the stories behind their photos with absolutely no extra effort.

#Blogging #Opinions #Ideas

A blog ‘written’ elsewhere (L) vs. a blog ‘described’ on Describe (R).

Blogging has been a huge, boundless, ‘mass-observation project’ of sorts that has made us more aware about the thoughts, opinions, ideas and ideals of others, the realities of lives, the mysteries of the world that are all around us and a whole lot more. But blogging has always been a textual medium. Describe makes the best case for the next generation of blogging. Describe provides an audiovisual format using which, every single blogger can instead of being ‘heard-through-text’, be actually heard, and more importantly ‘be seen’. With Describe, blogs will be richer, more delightful, more engaging, easier to consume, and above all, more mainstream than ever.

#Brands #Marketing #Products

A ‘brand post shared’ elsewhere (L) vs. a ‘brand communication delivered’ on Describe (R).

Most brands have adopted social media as an important component of their marketing strategies. They need a strong social connect with potential customers or clients. They do so by creating ingenious content in various available formats across the spectrum of the online world. With Describe, they can go further and permeate deeper into this social ether by directly speaking — and when required, pitching — to their potential customers, when they share something online. With Describe, brands can present a public face that represents them at any time, so people can come to associate brands with friendly, human faces, instead of a few clever, timely tweets.

#DoItYourself #HowTo #Recipes #MakeUp

A DIY ‘explained’ elsewhere (L) vs. a DIY ‘guided’ on Describe (R).

100 million hours of ‘how to’ videos were uploaded to YouTube in the first four months of 2015 alone. It shows how much we rely on the internet to learn how to make things or do things. Describe can make the process of creating the do-it-yourself and how-to related content drastically easier, by allowing users to add photos as steps and then weave them with instructions as selfie videos explaining those steps. For a person seeing DIYs on Describe, it is the next best thing to sitting with to an expert guiding him/her through the process.

#Influencers #Celebrities

A popular person ‘sharing something’ elsewhere (L) vs. a popular person ‘talking about something’ on Describe (R).

Describe can help influencer or celebrity engagement reach a whole new high by letting them connect with their followers in a very uniquely intimate way. Describe allows influencers, celebrities or others with a large number of followers to directly address their followers in a selfie video, every time they share something. A Describe can go much farther in connecting with an audience than a tweet or a photo on Instagram because when people see a photo on Describe, they also get to see the person sharing it, talking to them and telling them about the photo.

To quote from our earlier blog:
“With Describe, photos become a true medium of information exchange…On an internet that is mapped only in four formats, namely image, video, audio and text, Describe’s Hybrid Content Format offers a truly disruptive solution for making the information shared online much more enriching and engaging.”

In doing so, it greatly expands the scope of online photo sharing while also making it an immensely more meaningful and powerful medium of information exchange and communication.

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