How Dippy Can Help Your Business

Get Dippy
Get Dippy
Feb 22, 2017 · 2 min read

What we do:

Dippy sends personalized deals directly to users in Richmond for restaurants, bars, breweries, and events. With the help of our partners, we create exclusive deals just for our subscribers. We focus on the college market through social media marketing, and greek life profit shares.

Your business and dippy:

We send out targeted text messages to our user base, and we also have a conversational Chat Bot on Facebook. Users message the bot like they would a person to see and receive all of the deals we have available.

How we spread the word:

We are currently doing profit shares with the fraternities and sororities in Richmond, VA, with over 1000 participants between 2 Universities. We send deals directly to these participants to get them into your business, that they spread and share, and we donate half of our profits to their philanthropy when people use one.

We also utilze social media marketing by keeping our followers updated on our current deals. Check out our Instagram and Facebook!


Our recent feature in Richmond BizSense where they called us the ‘anti-Groupon.’


We only charge $1 when somebody redeems a deal at your business. That’s it. Really!

Get Dippy

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Get Dippy

We send you deals to local restaurants, bars, breweries, and events by text message each week. Sign up at

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