How To Use Dippy To Eat Your Way Through Richmond Without Breaking The Bank

By Taylor Block

We all know the best way to distract yourself from looming tests and essays is to eat. And I mean really eat. Not to mention when you’re in a city like Richmond, your options are insane. The only problem is your summer job money only can go so far. How many times can you get late night Christian’s Pizza, or indulge in a treat from Carytown Cupcakes before you run out of cash. Luckily, for students in the Richmond area (I mean you VCU and UR) there’s this great new start up that can help you out.

Dippy is a locally run business that pairs with businesses in the Richmond area to get our users great deals. From restaurants like Carytown Burgers and Fries to Baja Bean, Dippy has deals for everyone. Not to mention, their list of partners is ever growing.

After you get to using the rewards more and more often, Dippy will customize the deals to exactly your taste. Really using the codes for burgers? When a new deal comes out for Jack Browns, you’ll be the first to know. You’ll only get messages for deals that are relevant to you, and they won’t send you any junk texts.

Interested in signing up? The process is super simple. Just click here, type in your phone number, and deals will be on their way! Using the deals is just as easy. When you receive a text, click the link to see the deal. When your inside the business and ready to use the coupon, just press the redeem button.

If you’re involved with a sorority or club on campus, shoot an email to to learn about getting your organization free food! Keep yourself in the loop with the latest deals by following the Dippy Facebook and Instagram!