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Get Dippy
Mar 16, 2017 · 2 min read

Hey Richmond! Want to get to know Dippy, and how we can help promote your business? Keep on reading!

Who we are:

We are a mobile marketing company based out of Richmond, VA and have been continually expanding our customers base to other VA cities.

What we do:

Dippy sends personalized deals directly to users around college campuses for restaurants, bars, breweries, and events. With the help of our partners, we create exclusive deals just for our subscribers. We focus on the millenial market through a number of techniques including targeted social media marketing, and greek life profit shares to grow our user base.

How it works:

Once we have created a deal, we assign your business a specific code that is unique to you. We send out messages to our subscribers in Richmond with that code, and your deal. We send these custom messages along with reminders and updates to our subscribers about the deals they want.

Sample text message

When a user clicks on the redeem link in the message , they will be taken to this unique page. All a customer has to do is show your business this deal at checkout.

Sample redeem page.


Interested in seeing how it works? Use this link and enter your phone number to get a demo deal.


We don’t charge for any messages, clicks, views, or anything along those lines. In fact, we only make money when you do, when a customer actually uses a Dippy deal. Only then we charge you $1 (yeah, that’s it).

Why? Well, Because we’re extremely confident that our strategy will bring people into your business.

Want More Info?

If your interested in getting to know our business even more, check out this article written about us as “the Anti-Groupon”.

Want to stay updated on our current deals? Check out our Instagram and Facebook!

If you have any question just shoot us an email at

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