Blockchain-related jobs are in high demand because of the wide application of blockchain technology in many fields

It’s a good choice if you’re already a content writer looking to branch out into blockchain. Being a blockchain writer can open up a lot of opportunities for you in the future.


In this September and October, we’re going to update new features in our platform. Here below are next coming:

1/ User login:

Getdone will support SSO login via Google account, and Kai wallet

2/ Job posting in one place:

The feature will enable Clients to easily post a fulltime job or a single project in one interface. So that…

1. About Smart Contract

Smart contract is one of the applications of Blockchain technology.

This is a term that describes a special set of protocols capable of automatically implementing the terms and agreements between the parties in the contract (in this case, computer systems)

The entire operation of Smart contract has been performed automatically…


A platform for hiring blockchain talents all around the world.

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