“I’m not interested in self-help”

2 min readAug 2, 2017

Let me tell you about a conversation I had with a friend recently.

We went out for lunch near Noe Valley, San Francisco.

My friend is a very successful woman. She’s C-suite level at a fast growing tech company, stylish, attractive, accomplished and outwardly very confident. The type of person in your peer group you’d never worry about, thinking she was fine.

I told her about our company Elefant and how it works (more info here). She was polite but seemed totally apathetic stating that she’s “not interested in self-help.”

My confidence took a slight knock if I’m being honest, but I thought ok, that’s cool. It’s not for everyone.

25 minutes later we are talking through some challenges she is facing in her life to do with self-confidence that affect her relationships with others. She was clearly upset but didn’t want it to show. We talked through some advice I’d been given from other people on exactly the same topics and how that might shed a different perspective on the situation she was in.

Approximately 6 minutes later she was smiling, almost crying with relief and happiness, looking physically lighter than she had done at the start of lunch.

Why? Because she’d been given some advice that really resonated with her. Advice that put a different perspective on a situation that was causing her stress.

This is where Elefant comes in. She now has some advice that has helped her an amazing amount. She probably used it the night of our conversation, and maybe the next day. But will she remember it in a week’s time? Maybe she’ll be facing exactly the same challenges and she’ll remember that she heard some advice last week that helped, but she didn’t write it down. She can’t remember it. Argh!

She can enter the advice that helps her into Elefant. Create categories called ‘self-confidence’ and ‘relationships’. Then she has that wisdom with her, whenever she needs it. And she can share it with others…

Having started out as apathetic at best, we finished lunch and she was insisting she be part of the initial Elefant community. Not letting me leave until I’d signed her up.

Elefant works.

Ok so you’re not interested in “self-help” because that conjures images of weird cult leaders and cheesy book covers in the basements of musty book shops. But you are interested in helping yourself live a better life. Cool. Then please have a look at what we are creating and sign up to use Elefant:



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