Ernest Hemingway Illustration
Ernest Hemingway Illustration
Ernest Hemingway “Social Listening” /Illustration + Animation courtesy of Becka Gruber / Get Em Tiger

“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”

― Ernest Hemingway

“Listen before you speak,” was something I was taught growing up. Specifically, speaking may help you give knowledge to other people, but listening potentially enables you to learn (if the right people are in the room).

I recall being in a conference room with a group of people, which included some random media types and a close friend of mine (let’s call him “the producer”) as well as an “intern”. The intern (of course) interrupted the producer — upon which the intern was immediately asked to leave “Get…

& A (Fancy) Cheat Sheet.

By Becka Gruber

brandr /Illustration by Becka Gruber / Get Em Tiger

The term “branding” comes from an Old Norse word “brandr” or “to burn”, actually meaning “to mark by fire”. It’s in reference of the practice of branding livestock/ “mark permanently with a hot iron.”

Below is my logo design method. I don’t believe many designers talk about their methodology too openly. It’s probably because method is something that takes years of experience to put together.

I once had a college professor tell me “I will tell you some design things, but not all design things- because I could be pitching design against you one day”. It never…

By Becka Gruber

This little secretive society of Smurfs is just like a throbbing design house- working on projects you can’t leak, with social and political dynamics that shouldn’t be talked about.

Here are some metaphors and lessons learned in my youth (about design) from The Smurfs.

La La La-La La La

The Smurfs need a Catchy song to get the job done.

Every commercial spot needs a catchy jingle, or a sonic branding palette to have legs.


Smurfette typically tries to avoid leveraging her power as the only female Smurf.

Only 11% of directors are women.
Girls: Learn to get along with the mass crowd…

By Becka Gruber

Just like anything else, it’s critical to know where things were a few years ago and what’s going on now in the industry so you can make the most strategic choices.


I remember years ago when there were just a few genuine “bloggers” — I mean like not even “professional” yet. AND by professional I mean paying your bills by blogging.

My top three were (and still are):

Design Love Fest Web Site Screenshot Featuring Bri Cooking It Up

Design Love Fest via Bri Emery

Design Love Fest features lifestyle and design and screen savers (dress your tech) along with other things. …

By Becka Gruber

Designer Checklist / Illustration by Becka Gruber / Get Em Tiger

I remember being in college thinking, “If I can just make a living being a designer then I would be so happy and forever thankful.” I was worried that — after I’d racked up 100k in design school loans — that I would be in massive debt, but not employable. I remember searching “what makes a great designer” and getting results like “you buy wine based on the label”. I knew even then that they were wrong. Buying wine based on the label makes a great CONSUMER. Not a great designer.

Now that I’m on the professional…

By Becka Gruber

Logos play a huge role in the perception of your brand in the marketplace. Logo originality and having a clear concept is key to standing out from hundreds — if not thousands — of competitors and allows you to be uniquely identifiable. If your logo is not unique, it basically defeats the purpose of having a logo. If a logo doesn’t resonate with your target audience or capture the essence of your brand, it’s possible you’ll lose them before the first click.

If your company is creative, your logo should be, too.

If your business is minimalistic…

Shudu Gram / Becka Lee Gruber / Get Em Tiger

By Becka Gruber

About three years ago I had a dream in which, just like trying on a fresh set of clothes, you could go to your wardrobe and “select a body” complete with a different shape and a new face. Our brains uploaded and downloaded via some new version of Bluetooth streaming. In this dream reality, rarer models of bodies had a higher price point, but age and sex selection happened instantly. I distinctly remember talking to a 7-year-old girl who very clearly had the personality of a middle-aged man. Her sense of humor and mannerisms reminded me of…

Get Em Tiger

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