My Recollection of Breaking Bad After Giving Up in Season 3

Hispanic Man (wearing bandana): Yo, homes, we want more of your magical blue meth, or we’re going to go loco on you. Comprende?

Bryan Cranston (squints): We had a deal.

Annoying White Kid (terrified, wild eyed): What the hell, paco, I thought we were cool.

Second Hispanic Man (shows gold teeth): Yo boss, look over there, green meth, homes.

Annoying White Kid (desperate): Yeah! Yeah! We’ve got new stuff. Green meth. Gets you double high!

Bryan Cranston (wipes sweat from head): It’s… It’s not ready for human consumption.

Hispanic Man One (pulls out gun): Are you hiding anything else from me?

Annoying White Kid: I swear, paco, there’s nothing else.

Bryan Cranston (squints): Get him the red meth. All of it.

Annoying White Kid (shocked): Yo, that was our future, yo! It gets you triple high.

Second Hispanic Man:Three times as high? Dios mio!

Hispanic Man One: Alright… Alright! We’ll take the red meth, and the green meth, and the blue meth, but you’re now working overtime, hombres. I want double the normal order in one week.

Annoying White Kid (hands to head): Where will we get the supplies?

Hispanic Man One: That’s your problem!

Bryan Cranston (squints, sweat runs down face): Get out so we can cook. (to Annoying White Kid) I’ve got an idea.

Annoying White Kid: It’s just another type of meth right.

Bryan Cranston (squints)

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