If you drink coffee — if you love coffee — you can use that love of coffee strategically to enhance your performance — both cognitive and physical — with that beverage.

The TL;dr version is: simply taper off coffee about two weeks before you’ll need it either to improve alertness, and/or before you’ll need to get to sleep — especially thinking jet lag recovery thoughts.

For example, if your event is in three weeks, and you drink three cups of coffee a day, the goal would be to get to ZERO coffee for a week before you fly. That is, you use the two weeks to reduce your coffee habit down to zero so that you have a full week before your event coffee-free. …

Socialising Practice — Network Skills and Neural Wiring

In this heath blog, the focus is getting fit for chi. TO that end we’ve looked at eating, and at movement. Now we’re going to talk about ENGAGING — as part of our physiology and practice.

Conferences are nothing if not about networking. As part of our #getFit4 approach, this post offers some tips to practice NOW to make your network building easier, better and more successful at your conference.

Before we begin, a self-check:

Do you identify as an introvert? Hard to do small talk or group situations?

This next tip for conference travel can really help you feel terrific during the event and able to perform at your best — you’ll have more energy, less jet lag, engage better with others, really — if you practice it ahead of time.

If you have about a month between now and then that’s perfect — and it’s EASY -but you need the reps (the repetitions) to make it EFFORTLESS.

The concept is Be a Little Hungry —more of the time. We are all in environments where we have an abundance of stuff we can ingest from high quality food to highly processed, nutrient poor calorie rich “stuff.” …

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