Beautiful Madrid

Madrid: “Vegan food as good as Berlin”

A bold claim but one I stand by. The vegan food in Madrid was amazing! From the trashy end (hot dogs and nachos) to the fancy end (things with jus and smears of tasty flavoured things). Stand back for a trip report that will get you drooling…

Day 1

We arrived late the night before so first task of the day was to seek out some breakfast we could eat during the week in the AirBnb. We went to the tiny Carrefour mini across the street and easily found cereal, soya milk, yoghurts and lovely in season fruit. On day one for breakfast, we had banana and porridge.

After this we ventured out went for the first time to HanSo cafe which happened to be right round the corner from our AirBnb. Their matcha latte was amazing and they also did an excellent pour over coffee. If you’re hungry, it looks like they did a vegan sandwich as well but we didn’t try this! We went here several times throughout our stay. Everything was tasty, except for the red velvet latte which was plain odd…

The hotdog from el perro gamberro with chips

This was followed by some touristing before stopping at el perro gamberro, an absolutely delicious (and tiny) vegan cafe. We had the best (and most scarily realistic) hotdogs we’ve ever had here, along with several sandwiches with some very interesting fillings. It’s a lovely, cheap place to eat, although they didn’t seem to do any dessert which was disappointing.

For the evening meal we went on our first ever visit to a Loving Hut. These resturants are a staple around the world, with most capital cities having at least one. They generally serve “Asian fusion” with some dishes from the regional area. I had a very comforting spaghetti bolognese and spanish eggless torilla followed by some sort of cake. If I’m honest, the cake wasn’t great but the rest of the meal was satisfying and filling.

Day 2

We tried matcha lattes from a Coffee and Kicks today. This cafe is pretty tasty and in a really central location. This meant we visited enough times to fill up a loyalty card! Good atmosphere and a great place to get away from the business of the surrounding streets.

For lunch, we took a quick 10 minute walk from Madrid Palace to Viva Burger. Everything here is vegan and they do a huge range of pretty much just burgers. They come with a basic patty and lots of different options for toppings as well as crisp potato wedges. We were stuffed but managed to fit in a giant cookie for dessert.

Viva Burger

And as for dinner? Well we were actually pretty full and tired from lots of walking about so we had dinner in the apartment that night with various bits and bobs from the Carrefour. Dessert was a vegan cupcake from the Gluten free bakery. These were tasty and surprisingly undry for gluten free.

Day 3

This was an amazing day of eating. We had a stroke of luck for lunch and managed to get into Rayén vegano. This is a very small, close seated resturant that does amazing food! They suggest you share all the dishes and bring them out one by one to share between the table. These ranged from ramen to chilli, all beautifully presented and carefully considered. The flavours were amazing and someone had really thought about how ingredient would taste with the others.

The desserts were also phenomenal, the highlight being a peanut cheesecake thing which tasted like pure snickers bar. Eat here if you can, it is amazing.

Eat this cake

Then for dinner we had a booking at Vega. This resturant was particularly difficult to get a table at and the staff weren’t very friendly or helpful. This continued on the actual night with a few difficulties getting seated and ordering. However, the food made up for it and was interesting, it felt a bit like Spanish fusion style. I had a miso flavoured, noodle bowl thing which had a good flavour but became a little sickly after a while. I enjoyed the food, but I would definitely say Rayén vegano was the top place to go in Madrid!

Day 4

We didn’t get much of a chance to eat out today as it was the last day and we spent most of it in the Prado! However, we did find enough to eat (although it was expensive) in the Prado cafe. Even art lovers can have some vegan eats.

Salad at the Prado
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