Freebird APIs: A Platform for Partnership

A good partner makes it easy for you to be your best — and empowers you to make your best even better.

At Freebird, being a good partner is at the core of what we do. Our mission is to make the travel experience better for everyone involved — from travelers to travel agents, and from airlines to corporate travel programs. That’s why I’m incredibly excited about our newest offering for partners.

Last week, we rolled out a suite of Freebird APIs* — a digital toolbox that enables us to partner seamlessly with a variety of different travel companies.

Using their existing platforms, partners can now augment their current offerings while improving customer experience. Our APIs can help provide a better experience for travelers, more leverage for travel agents and the travel agencies they work for, and better outcomes for corporations and corporate travel managers. All partners need to do is plug the Freebird API into their website or software. Our current API offering includes:

  • Travel Intelligence — Predictive flight analytics that factor in hundreds of airport, airline and weather signals in real-time;
  • Disruption Alerts — Triggered messages and data feeds related to predicted and announced flight disruptions, such as significant delays, missed connections, and flight cancellations; and
  • Flight Rebooking — Streamlined rebooking services that help get travelers where they need to be.

When partners are able to choose the solution that best meets their needs, good things happen.

To that end, the Freebird API’s flexible scope and customizable options help us achieve meaningful integration with little-to-no development time required — or, we can efficiently facilitate a more comprehensive implementation with more robust benefits. For example:

  • A travel agency can save precious time for its agents by incorporating the Freebird purchasing API into their website (rather than manually typing customer information), allowing travelers to purchase Freebird coverage as part of their standard booking process.
  • Similarly, a travel agency can leverage Freebird’s predictive analytics via our flight disruption API to automatically alert its agents of a potential delay or cancellation before it happens, enabling them (and their travelers) to consider alternate plans ahead of time.

Freebird harnesses technology to make travel simpler and more enjoyable, providing better information and tools to travelers and travel agents alike. We’re excited to extend this new API offering to our business partners, to help them make their best even better.

Together, we can improve the travel experience for everyone.

*API stands for “Application Program Interface;” a set of protocols that specify how software components should interact.

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