Freebird Turns One

One year ago today, I stood helpless in an airport.

People were frantic. Strangers waited impatiently in line, jostling for position. Desperate for help or any type of service, cell phones were pressed to faces, but no one was talking. Every so often the faint sound of hold music could be heard. I watched as my friends struggled to rebook their flights home, with limited success. Airplanes were taking off from Denver and landing in Boston without issue, which caused more confusion among the stranded passengers. It was clear that the customer experience was leaving much to be desired — and so I began to imagine what “better” might look like.

One year ago today, the idea of Freebird was born.

Since then, through winter storms and multiple airport shutdowns, Freebird has been unwavering in its mission to empower travelers — and we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive customer response. In tweets and emails, customers call Freebird the “best service ever” or their “superhero.” I’m proud to say we have a 100% customer success rate, despite some pretty challenging circumstances along the way. It is an amazing feeling when travelers are able to get to the people and places that matter most, even when the cards are stacked against them.

As I look to the future, we have lofty ambitions and a clear mission. Armed with an absolutely world-class team and a healthy bank account, I couldn’t be more optimistic about what’s to come. We’re excited to empower people to have better travel experiences.

Power to the traveler!

CEO | Freebird

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