The Antidote to Multi-Traveler Mayhem

Travel is better with loved ones at your side.

But if you encounter a flight disruption, having multiple people in your group can increase the complications exponentially. For groups of two or more, flight cancellations, delays and missed connections issues can ruin, or even end, the entire trip. When you’ve got somewhere important to be, you need your entire party to get there — on time, and together.

That’s why we are so excited about our latest Freebird feature, which allows groups to travel with Freebird protection for their entire party. Now, Freebird can be purchased for multiple travelers at once, and — more importantly — our rebooking experience is just as simple, seamless and intuitive for a group as it is for a solo traveler.

Whether you’re headed to a bachelorette party in Vegas, a cruise in Alaska, a family reunion in Atlanta or a major business meeting in Chicago, we understand the “multiple traveler dilemma” intimately. (In fact, a group travel snafu sparked the idea for Freebird in the first place!) It’s also one of the most frequent questions and requests we hear from our customers.

With that feedback in mind, we’ve invested heavily over the past few months to roll out this feature and empower groups to have a better travel experience. As a company dedicated to reimagining and improving air travel for everyone, our driving passion is to make complex problems easy for our travelers to manage. With Freebird involved, your group can get back to focusing on enjoying the destination, rather than stressing about the journey.

CEO | Freebird

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