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One of Frontender’s key features is its what-you-see-is-what-you-get graphical user interface. With this interface, you can create webpages — even when you know nothing about web technology. The process is disarmingly simple: just insert the desired interface containers onto a “webpage” and publish.

At Frontender, we are very excited about this feature as it realises our vision for Frontender as a tool for communication professionals to create and manage websites without the help of a developer.

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Frontender has a collection of branded interface containers that compose into webpages.

With the introduction of “nested containers” in Frontender version 2.2, page composition is even more powerful:

  1. Nested containers encourage and facilitate reuse. Designing for reuse increases the quality and consistency of your websites. …



Frontender is the front-end for your headless CMS. It has the most intuitive page builder you will ever work with.

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