Exercise Makes You Bulky? No!

One of the biggest dilemma in exercising regularly is fearing that our body will become bulky, ‘huge’, and unattractive. Well, our lovely coach, Dionis, is here to end your dilemma and explain the truth behind this myth.

“I’ve been getting questions from my clients on whether resistance and body weight exercises will make them bulky. My answer to you ladies is… No. We don’t have enough testosterone in our bodies to bulk up like a bodybuilder.

Most of those physique contest ladies we see out there have been training really hard and eating a lot (like a lot) for many years to get there. The average women, like you and me, will only be getting nice, lean muscles for that “toned look”.

Look, this is one of my favorite places at the gym — the squat rack.

Squats help to fire up our fat burning hormones and build up a nice butt. I’ve been training at the squat rack for the past year and drinking my protein shake every day. The side effects that I’ve been getting is a nice rounder butt, heavier weight but smaller waist ;)

I started off doing bodyweight squats, followed by dumbbell squats and slowly worked my way up to this stage.

Lifting helps us build the right muscles in the right places to get that toned look we want.

Since squatting with heavy weights didn’t bulk me up, those body weight exercises ain’t gonna make you Xena’s sister either.

So, go do them squats today! ;)”

-Dionis, Fulfilled Coach-