Goodbye Laxatives and Slimming Center!

Many stories pop out from both our Fulfilled users and coaches about their journey in losing weight. One of our mentors, Husna, shares the story about her decision to start caring for her body the healthy way by stopping the laxatives and cancelling over 20 slimming center treatments. Of course it is not the easy option but one thing for sure, she wants to be fit and healthy in the right way.

I woke up at 4 am today. Earlier than usual and I couldn’t fall back asleep as I had a million things on my mind, one of which was a conversation I had with Dionis on Monday.

I was pondering on what I should change so that I learn to love myself… learn to be kinder to myself. I guess the first thing I want was not to hurt my body anymore.

I used to take Laxatives because it was the easiest way to get rid of my food almost instantly. The thing is, I don’t actually need it as I don’t have constipation problems and abusing laxatives in the purpose of slimming down can lead to complications.

Anyway, I had stopped taking laxatives since I started with Fulfilled but I still have hundreds of them hidden in my drawer. The first thing I did when I got out of bed this morning was to get them and flush it down the toilet, it wasn’t too difficult to be honest.

Next, I didn’t want to continue feeling insecure about my body and feeling small by getting nagged and scolded at for gaining weight. So, here comes the hard part. I decided to cancel over 20 treatments at the slimming center. I spent thousands for these treatments and it was heartache to waste money like that.

Still, just awhile ago I came down to the slimming centre and told them of my intention to cancel all my treatments. They thought I was silly to do that. “You may need it in the future. Price is going up.” they say. I don’t know how I got all that courage I just had but I stand firm with wanting to cancel all my treatments. I had to pay a forfeit. That was a heartache too.

Honestly, having Fulfilled is more than enough. I think I won’t be needing anymore laxatives or the slimming centre as long as I applied what I have learn at Fulfilled and just continue on with my habits.

With the positive energy coming from everybody; the coaches and members, it’s a lot easier. I think it’s a real fresh start for me to really let go of things that reminded me of the silly things I did just to be ‘skinny’.

Right now, all I want is to be healthy and happy. Sorry for the rant. Feels good to get it off my chest.

-Husna, Fulfilled Coach-