How to not eat when staying up Late.

After a really great day of healthy eating and energetic workouts, we struggle to keep it up in last hours of the day. We all succomb to snacking during the late hours. So here’s some tips to avoid the sweet and salty snacking in the dark hours of the night.

  1. Train your body to stop having those hunger pangs. See when we have gotten into the habit of eating past 8pm or 9pm, our body will start producing ghrelin (the thing that makes us crave food) right around that time on the daily. If you stop giving in to the hunger pangs enough, the body learns to stop producing that hormone during odd timings.

2. If that doesn’t work, you could try to eat very satisfying dinners. When I say satisfying, it isn’t so much of quantity, but more of quality of the food (Nutrient rich, a lot of protein and good fat). Don’t go for a lot of rice, or starches for dinner because it tends to digest real fast and only makes us hungry shortly after. Following this tip helps your body stays full for a longer time.

3. And finally if neither works, just give in. Not talking about a full-on dinner here but go for the tiny-portioned healthy substitues. Try a small portion of nuts or a small glass of milk! The point is to avoid having too much sweet stuff or starches just before we go to bed.”

Well, Fulfilled users, now you know what to do when the hunger strikes at night! ☺