I want to be Healthy & Confident!

Do you want to look healthy and also have the confident look? Do you need confidence in your life? Trust us, it takes effort but losing weight boosts your confidence, improve your health, and it’s worth it.

Pinky, one of our users got positive impacts by losing weight with great efforts and steps.

I have lost 3.8 kg so far! I watch my portion, choose healthy food, and even though I love fried meehun- I start to eat less of it. Remember, always eat 80% full!

I keep telling myself that I want to look healthy, I want confidence, I want to be happier, and my cholesterol level improved for the better! I was surprised about that, yeah!!

At the end of the year I want to buy the ‘cheongsam’ which, I have to fit in by January! I should do more exercise. No excuse anymore, Yeah!!!

I’d like to give thanks to my coaches, Zeoane and Zhen. Hugsssssss.

-Pinky, Fulfilled User-