Stay on Track, Ladies!

We here at Fulfilled understand that it’s easy to lose track on your progress, we’ve been there! We may say that we are on our diet period but when all the sweet cakes are in front of us… diet period, what?Ladies, Fulfilled understands. Just a gentle reminder, is it worth it?

Meet SJ, one of the user on Fulfilled.

I’m willing to share my story.To be honest, my guilty pleasure is to treat myself during the weekends and by treat, I mean, a lot of different food. Whenever I get together with my family or friends, I tend to overlook my mission. These are the times where Chips, Chicken, Cheesecakes, or Burgers look more appetizing than ever.

*sighs* It’s really hard to control your portion or ‘carbo intake’ when you’re with a bunch of other people who are not on the same journey as you!

But this is why I’m on Fulfilled.

I always share my story on the app and aside from the slight teasing, my Fulfilled sisters and the coaches would always remind me about my goals and always give me insight on proper dieting or fun health hacks.

I’ve worked hard for my new healthier body and since my family and friends would still allow me to finish the whole cheesecake, I’m glad I have my Fulfilled sisters to remind me that 1) No, I shouldn’t do it and 2) It’s not worth it.

I believe if we want to achieve something in life, we must take action and commit. We have to stay on track.

I understand what I need to do to shed some pounds but without a supporting team and dedicated coaches to keep me committed, I probably won’t do as well.

So, thank you — SJ, Fulfilled User

Losing track of your goals is common but Fulfilled family are 100% dedicated to help you get to where you want to be. It’s not easy but hey, on a more a rewarding note, when you commit to something, you’ll more likely to achieve great things.

Stay with us and keep moving, ladies. Your target won’t be achieved if you don’t do anything to chase it.