I bet you do, happy for you. You and 996,532 other people.

Good luck building the crucial parts of your business on it, you’ll need it. Luck, AI expertise, and above all — machine and deep learning Experience. Man Years of it. Decades even better.

People ask the question — what’s an AI Rocknrolla?
And I tell’em — it’s not about BERT, AI hype, models, research papers, heaps of data, oh no… There’s more there than that my friend..

What exactly else is there…

the photo above was found on Google Images search looking for worried Mark Zuckerberg and I could have probably added a credit to Business Insider if I bothered

The avalanche of articles announcing the imminent death of Facebook marketing for SMBs and brands (many of them by SEO providers) prompted me to write a few lines..

Facebook, strike that, Mark Zuckerberg, pressured (personally) by recent movement against social and psychological manipulation (called marketing in the civil world ever…

The future of Travel is centered around the customer

Usually these articles begin with “It’s that time of the year…”. The truth of the matter is — I’m not (yet) fat, I don’t fancy red clothes and I don’t come bearing gifts. Unless of course if by gifts you mean actionable, no BS advice on what you can do…


Superpowers for luxury and boutique hotels

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