A Complete guide to Fine Dinning Etiquettes

Fine dining is something that is classy and offers you great food. Places with fine dining provide you with ambience that relaxes you and let you enjoy the food of your choice. Fine dining are full service restaurants with particular dedicated meal courses.

But to fine dine is something that not many of us are aware of. There are few etiquettes or rules you may call, to fine dining. Many of the restaurants follow dress code too, to meet the establishment of the fine dining rules they follow. Though, it is considered a bit costly, there are great dining deals in Delhi that you can enjoy every now and then. Here is the guide to rulebook that you must follow while fine dining.

Dining Deals In Delhi

Knives and Forks

This is the most common problem faced by people who are habitual of not eating with them or using flatware being bought with every course. The rule that works from the outside in; the cutlery farthest from your place is the first to use. Another tip to follow is to take small portions of food and put the cutlery down while chewing the food. Do not pick up any cutlery that you drop to the floor. It will be replaced by the server.

Soup and Pudding

There are two types of soup spoons- one shaped like round bowl and the other like an egg. There is a certain way of using these spoons, according to the amount of soup you get. Always start dipping your spoon at the middle of the soul bowl and then slowly push it outwards, sipping the soup out of your spoon with ease from the edge.

Pudding is not to be confused with dessert, as they are two entirely different courses. Follow the same rule as of having soup and never take full spoon in your mouth. Take small portions and have them by the edge. Occasionally the pudding fork and spoon will be found directly above your plate, rather than in the cutlery at the side.


Always use napkin for dabbing your mouth. Instead of wiping your mouth with the napkin, dab it. In the beginning if the meal, your napkin should be unfolded and placed in your knees. If in case of emergency, you have to leave the table, then you must place your napkin on your table that gestures for you to return to your place. When you have finished eating, the napkin should be placed tidily (but not refolded) to the left side of your plate (but not on your plate).

Food in General

Never start eating until everyone has been served. If you take a mouthful which contains something you cannot swallow, you should excuse yourself and remove it in privacy. Absolutely do not do so at the table and never place it in your napkin or on your plate for all to see. If something gets stuck in your teeth, never remove that in front of everyone, instead go down to bathroom and then do it. Do not salt your food before you have tasted it. Small pre-dinner snacks must always touch your plate before being put in the mouth. Do not take it from the serving tray and put it straight in your mouth.

These are few tips that might help you while fine dining. If in capital, you are planning for fine dining in a large group, or with family, you can find amazing buffet deals in Delhi at Gourmet Passport.