How Do People Need Photography in 2015?

What does it look like in 2016?

The world today is made of images. Some people might blame the rise of DC and iPhone that it seems everyone can be a photographer — the real professional photographers cannot be valued or even noticed.

However, if you do a little study or ask around, you would find that people actually need photographers more than ever. People, in general, do respect the pros but they have little knowledge about it. So how does it happen? Why they never reach to you?

It’s Hard to Compare

Photographers like you might put a lot of effort on building up your brand and leads base. It’s a good start. But you have to know that people don’t know about photography.

“They are like babies to this industry.”

That’s what we found. Sometimes, people are just tired with the old fashion and look forward to a difference. However, people don’t get involved into this industry that much. They’re not sure where, what price or how long is the service would be the best combo for them. They need a place to review all this information at a glance. Then, get one with ease.

The Birth of Graphr

So in order to make people access to photographers more easily, Graphr is born. It’s a marketplace for everyone to browse, compare and “buy”. The initial thought is to make the process more simple comparing to the quoting way we’re used to.

There’re many brands (photographers or studios) that you can browse.
People can also set up the location, genre, and budget filters.

Now when thinking of hiring a photographer is more like this:

“You pick up what you’re interested in from the shelf; it tells you the price, ingredients and benefit. Then you check it out.”

Invest in Your 2016

We all know how hard it is to start your own business. But with the right timing, place and tools, we can half the effort and time. It doesn’t matter if you just started it or simply want to boost your business. Currently, Graphr is calling for the early entry of photographers. The first area is set at San Francisco and the surrounding area. It would soon expand to your cities if you let us know!

Here is the form for early entry. It goes with some survey that would also help us to know more about your preference. Last but not the least, there will be an exclusive offer for your participation!

>> Call for Photographers <<

Of course, if you would like to ask or share more information based on the above content, or you need a help to settle your business at Graphr, just shoot us ( and we’re happy to hear from you!