The six most common limiting beliefs of early-stage entrepreneurs and how to overcome them.

Limiting Beliefs — It’s one of the top topics that comes up in my conversations with early stage founders in the GUILD Academy. While the entrepreneurs believe in themselves enough to take the action, they join the GUILD Academy and make a 8-week commitment, many are struggling with looming limiting beliefs.

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Here are the most common limiting beliefs and why you should kick them out of your brain:

- I can’t possibly make more money with my business idea than in my current job — it’s limiting because this belief doesn’t allow you to fully explore the potential of your idea. Make a plan and set a financial goal, nobody asks you to jump off a cliff without a parachute (yeah, Reid Hoffman might but if you’re not the type who assembles the airplane on the way down — there are other ways). You can experiment to see if your business has validity before you jump. …



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