Take a Moment: Bird Watching

Are you an avid bird watcher or bird lover? I love watching the birds especially in the winter while they feast on the seed that we provide during the cold weather months. My husband is great about keeping the feeders full all winter. When the temperatures fall below 30 degrees, I try not to go outside, my joints hate me if I do! I’m grateful to my hubby for taking care of our birds.

I grew to love birds when I was younger after purchasing a parakeet at about the age of twelve. I loved that little guy so much. He was very sweet and loved to exit his cage, fly around my bedroom and walk around on my bed next to me. If I extended my arm, he flew down from the curtain, landed on my hand and walked up my arm to my shoulder where he loved to sit. He was completely yellow and I named him King Tut. Tut was very fond of my dad. He loved my dad’s deep voice and the company he provided when I wasn’t at home. My dad worked for the railroad and would be gone for a few days at a time. Once he arrived back home and entered the house, Tut knew instantly when my dad spoke. He began whistling and chirping his heart out until my dad came in to say hello. Not only vocalizing his joy but also flying from perch to perch and fluttering his wings, just begging my dad to come directly to see him first.

The relationships we build with God’s creatures are quite amazing. I’m very thankful for every pet I’ve ever owned. When I see a little yellow bird in my yard I think of King Tut. The one in this picture perched there and watched me for several minutes. Maybe it was Tut coming back to say hello.

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