Perks and benefits of choosing co-living while being a remote student!

This could be a great way to get more flexibility out of your study routine while also cutting costs when it comes to traveling back and forth from your home and school.

Aspire College Station, College Station, Texas. Students are offered a co-living experience in the form of communal spaces at the heart of the project.

Many students are opting for co-living arrangements when studying remotely. There are many benefits in choosing a co-living situation if you are a student.

First and foremost, you’ll be able to significantly cut costs. Not only will you be able to share your rent expenses with others, but also bills, and potentially, even split the cost of other additional services, such as a wi-fi subscription of decent speed and quality, which could be very useful if you work or study remotely.


Another advantage of moving into a furnished co-living place is the choice to live light. Instead of buying loads of home furnitures, equipments or goods that you’ll have to throw away or sell if you move, you can bring just the essentials to your new bedroom, saving your money for what really matters. Fans of the sustainable, minimalist lifestyle find that co-living suits their needs perfectly.

In addition, a co-living space can also offer the right compromise between convenience and comfort, since you can still get your own space, but without necessarily upholding extensive costs to rent an apartment on your own, or stay at a campus, which could be kind of inconvenient in many ways, especially when it comes to personal space concerns!

Co-living is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why!

At Hivenue, we’re on a mission to create unique communal and shared living experiences. We plan on bringing Hivenue to all neighbourhoods in need of new housing opportunities, stronger financial stability, sustainable living lifestyle, and greater social connection. Our world is changing fast, and the way we live will change with it.



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