Very Real Short People Problems: How Many Have You Experienced?

Let’s not call it short, let’s call it “vertically challenged”. Tired of feeling like you’re the only one, check out these real short people problems.
Aww, you look so cute! Are you sick of hearing that? If so, it is most likely a vertical challenge height. You’re sick of people commenting on your insufficiency. It’s just one of the short people problems to endure.


I say hug it! Being short has a host of benefits. You can hide much easier than someone tall, for example! Of course, I am also well aware that there are short people problems, just like tall people problems. In short, we are never happy. However, in some situations, being a little short can make life a bit more difficult than if you were of average height.

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12 Short People Problems: How Many Have You Experienced?

I have a friend who is five feet tall. Personally, I think she sports the look because it totally suits her, but she hates it. I mean he literally hates it. He constantly talks to me about his problems with short people and laments the fact that he can’t find a pair of jeans to buy and wear without having to get them fitted first.

Since many of you can probably feel your pain, remember, you are not alone. Let’s take a look at the most common problems for short people, so you can laugh, roll your eyes, and just feel like you’re not the only person in the world who has ended up with legs dangling from a not-so-tall stool. .

# 1 Pools are not designed for short people. Either you need to find a pool with a shallow end * not always possible * or stay in the kiddie pool. Either way, a normal pool is going to cause you problems, and if you can’t swim, things get even more complicated.

If you’re five feet or shorter, the water is likely up to your neck, and that doesn’t make a day around the pool particularly relaxing when you’re stepping in the water as if your life depended on it every time you fancy a! refresh! [Read: The 20 signs that you have a dry sense of humor and can laugh at life]

# 2 Why is what you want always on the top shelf? This is one of the short people problems my friend always complains about. She is convinced that fate puts everything worth having on the top shelf of a supermarket. Even at home, your partner somehow forgets that she can’t reach the pasta and puts it on the top shelf. Then she’s left trying to find a chair to do a little climbing in the kitchen. Not exactly the safest!