11 things you need to know about the professional skills tests.

Professional Skills Tests — an essential undertaking before starting Initial Teacher Training. But what exactly do they involve? Can anyone shed some light on them before you embark? Yes! Here we’ve rounded up some top tips from teachers and trainees.

A big thank you to the ITT Facebook group for your comments!

1. Practice your mental maths as well as methods required to work out the answers — times tables, division, fractions to percentages. It makes you more confident going in and buys you more time.

2. Turn up early! The provider can get very busy and registration can take a long time. Particularly important if you’re doing them back to back.

3.Take advantage of the practice tests. They will give you an idea of what areas you need to focus on.

4. There is more time than you think for mental arithmetic questions — take your time to think.

5. The pass mark isn’t 100% so don’t panic if you get a question wrong!

6. Read the whole comprehension in the literacy test before focussing on the questions.

7. Practice common spellings.

8. If you can’t answer a question — move on and don’t fret.

9. Take two pens — in case one runs out.

10. Find your own exam and revision style.

11. Have confidence and relax! You’ve got this!

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