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Apr 24, 2018 · 3 min read

If you’re ready to apply for teacher training, our free application workshops are a great way to get expert advice and information that will help you create the strongest teacher training application possible.

We asked three recent attendees to tell us about their experience.


The workshop was nearby so I decided to go along. I’ve just started the application process and this looked like a good opportunity to get my questions answered.

I had some primary specific questions that they were able to answer. I described the experience I already have with children and the advisor was able to reassure me that it was good and could be included in my application. The advisor also stressed the urgency of the application deadline to me so I know I need to get on with it now!

The information in the presentation on schools experience was really useful, I didn’t know how important experience in a state school was. The presenter seemed really knowledgeable.

Overall the workshop really helped me build confidence in what to include in my personal statement.


I’ve been reflecting on my options for a long term career and I’m keen to try teaching. I looked online for guidance around applying and decided to attend an application workshop as it looked like the best way to get the advice I needed.

The presentation was good — I found it really useful for writing my personal statement. The presenter explained that sharing knowledge is key. The videos of teachers in classrooms were really interesting and useful.

I also had some more generic questions around the application and training routes and they were answered really well too.

The information the advisors gave was useful. They provided good, solid feedback on my personal statement and hearing from an academic with lots of experience in teaching was really reassuring — I now feel ready to apply.


I’ve been looking at the practicalities of returning to work and teaching looks like a good fit for what I want to do in the future. The application workshop looked like a good way to look at routes into teaching.

The presentation gave me information on how to get schools experience. The video clips were really interesting — it was good to look at the pace of a lesson, how to observe the pace and how enthusiasm affects the classroom.

The one-to-one guidance was helpful and my questions were answered well.

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When you attend a workshop you’ll get the chance to:

  • attend a presentation to get handy hints and helpful tips on how to make your application stand out
  • receive one-to-one feedback from our teaching experts when you bring along your draft personal statement
  • talk to current teachers about their experiences

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