A potted history of brand guidelines

When you first set about creating a brand, it’s not long before you have to try to lay down guidelines about how it should be used. This document is often referred to as a bible: a sacred text that has to be deferred to…

5 tips on typography

We all know and recognise that typography has its own character. So it’s not a choice that you should leave to chance.

  1. Approachable or well established?

When emotion makes a brand.

These days, a brand can’t just be about appearances, it has to epitomise something. It has to be about its product, its employees and its clients. It has to bring a story to life rather than just tell stories. …

5 tips on tone of voice in branding

Tone of voice is how the brand, and so everybody who brings that brand to life, expresses themselves, both orally and in writing. So it is really important that it is defined.

  1. Express your personality.
    Use the brand’s values to assign the tone…

When talking about brand identity, lots of companies tend to sum it up as the logo. Putting the logo in the top-left corner of their letter header, right in the middle above their front door, clearly visible on a mug. And yet a brand’s identity is much more than its…

I read lots of articles, often mea culpas, in which I notice that the authors, including ‘professionals in the industry’, see branding as a cosmetic exercise.
And if the pandemic has helped them appreciate this, it is now time to change it.

No more of Simon Sinek’s magic circles; goodbye…


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