Download Chameleon Run Free For Android

Chameleon Run is a 2016 video game for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It is developed by Hyperbolic Magnetism.


Chameleon Run is an auto runner. Player controls his cube-like character that moves to the right. The player’s task is to help him to get to the finish. He has to jump over obstacles and pits. The game features an original mechanic that the player can touch only objects that have the same colour as his character. Player has to switch his player´s colour so that he can move on different platforms. Every level features three tasks — finish level, collect all coins and crystals and to finish level without switching colour.

The game was originally created as a Ludum Dare prototype by Ján Ilavský. Ilavský later decided to remake it into a full-length game when he saw how many clones of Chameleon Run Design Of Limbless Of Ubisoft Rayman came up on AppStore and Google Play that used his Source code .