Put Those Shovels Away, Banner Ads Aren’t Dead Yet.

If there’s one trend that’s got the mobile advertising space buzzing at the moment, it’s the rise and glorification of new ad formats like video, carousel, and interactive. Some publishers are so excited, in fact, that they’re ditching traditional creatives altogether in favor of newer, flashier formats that help them stand out in an oversaturated ad space. While video and interactive ads are certainly valuable tools to have in your arsenal, successful advertisers should still utilize a variety of ad types to reach potential users and maximize ROI.

If your goal is to increase conversion rate and build brand equity, then flashy ad formats are a pretty smart bet. After all, videos and interactive ads are great at commanding attention, which allows you to cast a wide net and scoop up users you might normally miss using other ad formats. These formats also allow publishers to better qualify potential users by giving them a more in-depth look at in-app experience.

However, if you’re also looking to maximize ROI (which you should be), it’s important to note that newer ad types may make it harder to hit your targets. Smaller inventory and higher demand make videos very expensive- almost 10x traditional banner and text ads in some cases, so unless you’re recruiting higher value users, profits are certainly harder to come by.

Traditional text and banner ads may not be the sexiest of ad formats, but their large inventory and low cost make them a no brainer for anyone with strict ROAS goals, especially in markets where video and interstitial inventory isn’t as readily available. While CVR may lag, CPIs are much, much lower (try $5 vs $20 in some cases). By targeting accurately with traditional ad formats, you can acquire the same high-value, revenue-yielding users for a fraction of the cost of video ads, making it easier to hit ROAS targets.

So, having established that video is not the end-all-be-all of mobile advertising, where do we think the industry is really going to make strides in 2016? Our top 3 must haves for effective mobile marketing coming soon.

Patrick Wirz, Head of Campaign Management, GET IT Mobile
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