JAMA Assault Program

Sexualt Assault is rampant. Let your voice be heard.

Hello there! We know you have opinions on sexual assault in Nigeria and we would love to hear it. We do one better, we would pay you for it.

You see, sexual assault is clearly a very sensitive and controversial topic in Nigeria with a high number of victims and sufferers. Half of whom have come out to share their ordeal and received justice in their favor while some were not as lucky. And some others, have decided to be mute, because of the fear of societal stigmatization.

However, we believe now is the best time to understand and analyze the psychological trauma of sexual assault in victims lives, hence the motivation for this campaign. We want to feel the pulse of victims and those who are close to them.

So, we’re hoping, you’d help us uncover the truth, by telling us everything you know about sexual assault either from a personal experience or the experience of someone close. We promise, your identity will not be disclosed at any point.

And there’s a catch, you get a cash reward just for answering the questions in this task. This cash reward can be converted into airtime and used immediately. Cool, isn’t it?

Got to https://jamans.getjama.com or visit http://bit.ly/2amLUTm to begin

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Gracias! Happy Jamming!