JOIN Smart Wallet Powered by DFNS: Making Crypto & Self-Custody Accessible for All

Account Abstraction and MPC wallets: A comprehensive look at how JOIN integrates cutting-edge technologies for unparalleled security and usability in the digital asset space.

7 min readOct 4, 2023

As global inflation rises, many of us want to talk about cryptocurrency and passive DeFi investments with our friends and family. However, it can feel intimidating for various reasons.

The topic may seem complex, risky, and less secure compared to traditional investments. Plus, it’s filled with jargon like “DeFi pools” and “liquidity providers.” Getting into cryptocurrency involves multiple app downloads, handling swaps, and dealing with bridges.

This is where the collaboration between JOIN and Dfns steps in, providing a pragmatic solution that prioritizes simplicity, security, and accessibility through the Smart Wallet.

Who’s Dfns?

Dfns is a cybersecurity company providing crypto wallet infrastructure. Founded in 2020 in Paris, Dfns was incubated by Techstars and STATION F before becoming a SOC 2 certified firm audited by Deloitte, employing 30 people across 6 countries and raising over $20M since creation with investors such as White Star Capital, Susquehanna, Coinbase, ABN AMRO, Hashed, 6MV, Semantic, Bpifrance, Figment, SGH, Wintermute, Motier, and more.

Dfns is the ultimate API-first wallet management system, ideal for applications and organizations seeking to provide secure access to all blockchains through a single integration. Their APIs/SDKs were designed for wallet programmability and efficient implementations, enabling fast deployments, smart automation flows, granular sets of permissions, controls and policies via secure authentication credentials.

The Dfns KMS is a decentralized key management network using MPC (Multi-Party Computation) and built-in threshold recovery mechanisms. Using MPC/TSS, private keys are sharded and periodically refreshed in secure enclaves (TEEs) across a decentralized peer-to-peer network of T3+/4 data centers.

Today, Dfns is trusted by industry leaders such as Diageo, Warner Bros, Shopify, Casino, Lacoste, Breitling, Accor, FNAC, ABN AMRO, Ingenico, The Sandbox, Atari, Panerai, IWC, Richemont, Ba&sh, YSL, the Belgium Government, the Seychelles Government, the London Metropolitan Police, Rihanna, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, David Guetta and more.

JOIN Smart Wallet: Security first, always

In the world of digital currencies, security is a top concern. That’s why Dfns has introduced Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology into our Smart Wallet, making it easier and safer to manage your cryptocurrency without the need for complex seed phrases. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto user or just starting out, with Dfns’ industry-leading technology, our wallet offers a user-friendly way to enter the cryptocurrency realm without requiring in-depth blockchain knowledge.

Enhanced Security for the Digital Age:

In today’s digital landscape, securing your assets is more critical than ever. The JOIN Smart Wallet is designed with your safety in mind. It offers a significantly higher level of security thanks to its use of an MPC architecture model through Dfns. Unauthorized access to your cryptocurrency would require the simultaneous hacking of a minimum of three key shards distributed across secure enclaves in different Tier 3+/4 level data centers.

No More Seed Phrase Hassles:

One of the standout features of the JOIN Smart Wallet is its human-error tolerance backed by Dfns’ cutting-edge MPC architecture. Forget about trying to memorize or hide a complex seed phrase — instead, your unique key shard is securely backed up with multiple third-parties. If you ever lose your phone, uninstall JOIN app, or switch to a new device, all you need to do is recover your encrypted shard and complete KYC verification again to decrypt it.

Your Keys, Your Control:

With the JOIN Smart Wallet, you always maintain control over your assets thanks to Dfns’ non-custodial design. You can easily export your seed phrase whenever you want, ensuring that only you have access to your wallet. Your keys are your keys, and your crypto remains yours.

JOIN Smart Wallet: Simplifying Crypto with Account Abstraction technology

JOIN aims to streamline the various aspects of crypto investment, eliminating the requirement for intricate DeFi knowledge. Our app provides a straightforward entry point for anyone looking to start investing in cryptocurrencies and beyond.

Our mission at JOIN is to establish a comprehensive investment platform that is accessible to individuals globally, as well as businesses and institutions of any size. We prioritize user-friendliness, ensuring that even those without technical expertise can easily navigate our platform. This enhanced usability is expected to draw a wider range of investors into the cryptocurrency space.

Gas Fee Management Made Easy:

Say goodbye to gas fees for specific operations within our Smart Wallet. Users can now use stablecoins or their preferred tokens to pay these fees.
There’s no longer a need for users to go through the hassle of exchanging, maintaining, or retaining an ETH balance solely for transaction fees. This means you can manage your assets without the constraints of holding specific cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, protocols, Dapps, DAOs, and other users can utilize our Smart Wallet as linked contributors, fostering more inclusive and flexible ecosystems across the industry.

Unmatched Flexibility in Portfolio Diversification:

Our Smart Wallet seamlessly operates across multiple blockchains, granting users effortless access to the DeFi and cryptocurrency landscape.

This newfound flexibility empowers users to explore diverse ecosystems and seize opportunities with unprecedented ease.

Streamlined Batched Transactions:

By enabling batched transactions, our Smart Wallet streamlines the execution of multiple transactions simultaneously. This functionality improves efficiency and mitigates the complexities typically involved in handling individual transactions one by one.

Stealth Address:

We are looking to enhance the privacy of our users by enabling them to generate cryptographically concealed public addresses for receiving funds privately. This means that each transaction will have a unique address, making its whereabouts untraceable. In practice, the process of generating a stealth address on JOIN Wallet will be mostly automated.

Please note that we are currently in the research and development phase for this feature.

Enhanced Security Through Social Recovery Features:

Prioritizing security, our Smart Wallet introduces social recovery features that offer peace of mind. Through the smart contract employed by our wallet, we can incorporate rules for social recovery. This recovery method involves the use of “guardians,” which are typically Web2 accounts belonging to the account owner’s family and friends. These guardians play a role in verifying the real-world identity of the account owner. When someone attempts to log in, guardians are sent requests to approve the action.

The operation can only proceed with the approval of a specific portion of the total guardians assigned to the account. This approach relies on the familiarity of human social connections, making it more straightforward than remembering random seed phrases.

Consequently, it makes the task of securing accounts less cumbersome.

If you don’t want to rely on friends or family for Wallet Recovery then you can also create your own safety process: To recover access to the wallet API, create multiple credentials on different devices or email a PDF recovery code. This ensures 2FA security, as it requires access to the initial email inbox.

And much more…

JOIN Smart Wallet’s first prototype design

The JOIN Smart Wallet stands out as a unique offering that goes beyond the ordinary, providing a range of additional benefits:

Diverse Investment Opportunities:

In addition to streamlining crypto investments, the JOIN Smart Wallet expands its capabilities into traditional finance. It enables users to optimize returns by seamlessly integrating crypto with fractional ownership of real-world assets such as real estate, art, stocks, commodities, and more, available 24/7. The process is simplified through one-click trading and investing.

Seamless Banking Integration:

In addition to simplifying the on and off-ramping processes, JOIN also provides banking services through a trusted third-party partner within the app. This includes bank accounts with fast transactions (UK & EU), cards (Apple Pay & Google Wallet), and Forex services in multiple currencies (€, $, £).

Simplified Compliance:

Staying compliant with crypto regulations can be challenging. However, JOIN simplifies the process by handling regulatory complexities on your behalf. No need for extensive research or legal navigation; JOIN ensures compliance with ease.

In Conclusion

The partnership between JOIN and Dfns is dedicated to making crypto investments more user-friendly, secure, and accessible to individuals of all backgrounds. It revolves around simplifying the journey into the world of cryptocurrency, ensuring top-tier security, and providing the flexibility to explore a diverse array of investment options.

In a world where crypto may seem daunting, JOIN and Dfns are steadfastly committed to making it approachable for everyone, not just the seasoned crypto experts.

JOIN — Unleashing the Best of Digital Asset. For All.

Secure & compliant self-custodial digital wallet with seamless on/off-ramping, easy investments, optimized yields, and personal IBAN.

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