5% of Kitestring revenue to be donated to Hollaback! to fight street harassment

Hey Kitestringers, I have some awesome news. Starting today and continuing indefinitely, 5% of our revenue will be donated to Hollaback!, an organization that aims to end street harassment.

Revenue, not profit. That means the money we receive for Kitestring Plus will go first to Hollaback!, then the remaining 95% will be used to keep Kitestring up and running.

To be clear, Kitestring doesn’t make a lot of money. That’s by design — we make Kitestring Plus as cheap as possible, because safety should be affordable. Rather, safety should be free — that’s our core principle.

When people engage in street harassment, perhaps they don’t realize how damaging it is. Hollaback! combats this by raising awareness through blogging, social media, and their mobile apps. We wholeheartedly support this mission, and we’re confident our donations will be used to expose street harassment and bring us closer to a world without it.

By the way, if you don’t believe street harassment is a real issue, just watch Hollaback!’s recent PSA:


Stay safe,


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