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Sep 1, 2017 · 3 min read
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Content creators are finding it increasingly difficult to make a living from ad revenue and other online streams of income. Revenue is often outside of the content creator’s control and in the hands of third party services through companies like Google.

Many artists and designers rely on multiple websites to reach a larger audience, but without having the ability to control how to monetize the content. In most cases they have to pay a percentage to the platform they are using as well. Alternative monetization options are inadequate and usually directs the user away from the content in order to transact a general donation or setup a subscription. Popular online platforms may also limit their users by censoring content that does not comply with their rules, and automatically obtain full rights to all files uploaded.

Lewt offers a stand-alone monetization layer that can be added to any website or online service. The technology empowers content creators to monetize their content no matter where it is located. It works across domains and between web pages through a combination of techniques that avoids common limitations in browsers. Lewt charges no fee for transactions, deposits or withdrawals and is completely free to use. We are launching our Initial Coin Offering for our Lewt token on September 15, 2017 at 06:00am CDT. Read our whitepaper and how to participate at

GetLewt platform

Tipping a YouTube video

Monetize your YouTube videos

Monetize links to your existing webpages

Monetizing the tiles in minesweeper

Upcoming features in development

  • Offer subscriptions for your premium content
  • Charge one-time fees for viewing content
  • Organize competitions, offer digital coupons and physical goods as rewards
  • Reporting tools for viewing how your visitors are navigating and looting your website
  • Use custom domain names for your sites

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