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Use LINER Highlights to Save Lists

Highlight to save important items

Here’s how a productivity obsessed marketing nerd uses LINER for saving items from listicles :)

After reading in-depth essays, I just want to relax and skim through long listicles like the BBC — The 21st Century’s 100 Greatest Films, These 12 Habits Are Killing Your Productivity, and 7 Productivity Apps That Shave 10 Hours Off Your Work Week.

While reading listicles is a bliss, trying to save items from the listicle is unexpectedly difficult. Currently, you have to save the entire page and sort through the listicle later on. Or go go back-and-forth between the website and your note-taking-app; while carefully copy-and-pasting your favorite items with surgical precision. Both methods are far from ideal for collecting information :(

Highlighting “The 40 Books that Saved My Life” — James Altucher

As an avid fan of James Altucher, I try to read everything he writes. And reading the books he reads, is another way to delve into the mind of one of my favorite writers. Instead of copying a few titles from his 40 books article. I highlighted the books that I’m interested in. So I can always come back and see what other books he recommended. Once the listicle is highlighted, I can compare and contrast my highlights with my friend’s highlights.

Highlighted Version — http://lnr.li/yi3r7

Highlighting “How Hooked on Technology are You?” — Hilal Isler

While Medium is dominated by productivity gurus. I’ve always loved the lighthearted humorous side of Medium. Hilal Isler wrote an awesome satirical quiz that measures how addicted to technology you were. When I tried to take the quiz, I found that there was no easy way to write my answers. I could write the answers in a separate sheet of paper, but then I would only have the answer. Using LINER I could easily mark my answers and share the highlighted version (http://lnr.li/50yNh) to my friends!

Highlighted Version — http://lnr.li/50yNh