Interactive e-books and Their Effectiveness

In the modern era, mobile phones, smart devices, tablets, etc. are becoming an alternative to human interaction. Today, in most of the cases, we do not need someone to assist us if we have access to the Internet and smart devices. However, technology and smart devices should not completely replace the human interaction.
If we consider the education and academics sphere, then a physical interaction between a teacher and a student should not be replaced by these new era technologies. Instead, these devices and technologies should be utilized as facilitators of an enriched learning experience. Smartphones, interactive ebook, and other such technologies should be seen as an effective tool in an educator’s kit.
interactive ebook

Textbooks have been a staple classroom resource and they have proved to be effective over the generations. On the other hand, children today are exposed to smart devices and technology at a very young age. And, hence they are being geared better toward multimedia than in previous generations. However, what publishers can do is enhance the learning experience by helping them interact with the information and knowledge through new ways.

Although interactive e-books released on various digital publishing platform provide a superb learning experience but for small children and students, a physical interaction with a mentor or teacher is necessary. This is particularly useful for language learners and those who wish to have an engaged approach to mastering another tongue. For students and children, the technology can be used to boost up their learning experience.