MagicBox for valuable Learning with no downtime

The technological advancement has brought a drastic change in every sector including the education industry. The conventional classroom model is seeing a remarkable change and the credit goes to the emerging technologies including mobile distribution platform.

A mobile digital platform like MagicBox allows students to learn at their own pace. It is a scalable and flexible digital platform that allows learning at any time and from any place, both in online and offline mode. The students do not have to depend completely on the Internet. They can learn at their own speed without fearing the time constraints in classrooms. They have a unique learning experience through useful, interactive content similar to a teacher teaching with a wide variety of techniques or resources at hand.

MagicBox is a great teaching tool for teachers. They experience customized teaching where in they can work out on lesson plans and assign them to individual students. This way, they can provide focused teaching depending on individual student’s strengths.

The teachers and publishers can add self-evaluated assessments into the content for the students to gaze their learning. It provides teachers with all the reports for the entire class. This helps them further to find out how much time each student has spent on the assigned work. It offers a win-win situation for both students and teachers.