Why Trump Was Elected By People

Why Hillary was turned down by U.S.A?

When you force feed and idea to general people they will go against it.

Feminism: Feminists tried to force feed their equality theory to the people in a very wrong way. They sometimes cross the limits to prove that they are better than male.

Equality is okay , but when you try to tell men that women are superior to them because they can perform all the tasks without men or men are just tool used by females to make babies. This will surely will put some hate against women in men hearts.

We saw this hate in the elections. People were scared because if Hillary won it will give feminists more ammunition.

People voted for Trump not because they loved Trump , but because they did not have any choice.

The hate put in their hearts by those feminists towards women stopped them from thinking logically.

If people had choice to vote to Trump or a male donkey. I am sure things would be different.

I am sure this is not the only reason of Hillary’s defeat but it is one of them.

I am not an American and English is not my first language.

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