Introducing #moveready/play notifications

Because spontaneity isn’t random.

@getmoveready Twitter account.

By now, you should be familiar with how to discover recreational activities on#moveready, as well as connecting with other recreational sports athletes.

However, there is another way for you to discover recreational activities.

We tweet drop-in reminders to our Twitter account. We call them: #moveready/play notifications. The idea is to give everyone — even if they are not using — the opportunity to discover recreational activities.

Here’s how it works.

Activities offered

Badminton, basketball, hockey, tennis, and volleyball for now. More to come!

If you’re interested in a particular activity, let us know by:

  1. Filling out this form. If you don’t see it listed, we give you the option to add your own activity.
  2. Following us on Twitter and tweet or DM us.

Time intervals

We want to encourage spontaneity, so we publish tweets approximately one and a half to two hours before start time.

Information provided

Every tweet contains the following information:

  • Activity name.
  • Date and time activity starts.
  • Venue name.
  • Venue address.
  • Link to for finding additional details.
#moveready/Play tweet

How to engage with the tweets

See an activity you like? Re-tweet it to your #SportsSquad and go play together.

Know any of you followers that might be interested in participating in a specific activity? Re-tweet it so they can see it.


Our Twitter account is not just for shamelessly plugging cool new features we launch, company news, or our latest Medium posts.

We also publish drop-in program reminders sent out between one and a half and two hours before start time.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow us on Twitter to get receive #moveready/play notifications.

What’s next?

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