New Site Upgrades

JUL 6 — Late Monday night, we made a change to a new, more powerful server, and while we were at it we decided to change a few things as well:


We enabled SSL for every single page on and

Up until now, you would only get a secure page if you were on our payment page to secure your payment details. Now, all of the data you send to us is encrypted whether that be through our contact form or your personal contact information when checking out. It might slow down the page load by milliseconds, but it’s worth it to have a secure website from top to bottom.

New Design

If you’re a regular visitor of for our U of S Huskies galleries you might notice a slight change. (Heavy emphasis on the word slight).

2016 Josh Schaefer Photography Design Change

We moved every single gallery we had that was live (563 galleries in total) to Don’t worry, we changed all of the links and if you bookmarked them or find them through Google/another search engine, it will automatically redirect you to the same gallery on (This took a couple of hours to cross reference and create the code).

Josh Schaefer Photography is now just that: a home for the personal portfolio separate from

Every order, download, gallery and other back end data was migrated over to To the average person, you will not notice any change at all.

We’re in the Cloud! Get scared!

Cloud. I’ve had a hatred for this word for awhile. “All of your data is in the cloud! Nobody understands the cloud”. One can be reminded of the 2014 film: Sex Tape with Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz (Trailer below).

We’re all scared of the cloud, but in this case, what it means is more power for processing and dedicated resources for our site. During peak times in the year we can see 50–100 people concurrently accessing the site every minute for periods of several hours.

This was the case immediately following one of the larger dance festivals that we cover. The day sales went live, we experienced a two hour outage (The first time this has happened for us). One of the causes: our server. It’s our hope that this change to Cloud Computing will prevent this in the future.

So there we have it! Major security upgrades, cloud computing and a fresh design for Josh Schaefer Photography. We’ve got some exciting plans going forward for future designs of, just need the time in our schedule to design them.

Final note: Since I was up until 5AM making sure the conversion went off without a hitch, I was able to see the sunrise on July 5. Here’s a photo directly off my iPhone:

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