You Can Find Your Next NYC Home on Your Own

The New York real estate market may seem like a complicated and difficult topic to get into if you have little experience dealing with it. This is especially the case for many renters in NYC. That’s why many choose to get a broker to help them out with their apartment search. And that is completely fine, if you have and want to pay thousands of dollars in broker fees. The average person pays $2,500 in broker fees in NYC. That seems like money that could best used on other things like a nice vacation. What many renters don’t know is that they can access landlords and no-fee listings directly and avoid paying broker fees.

“How?” you may ask. Easy. Many landlords in NYC have their own websites. They allow you to view their availability directly and will inform you on how to gain access to their units. Cool right? You can basically be your own broker. Many times, when looking up an address on Google, instead of the landlord’s website you get sites like Streeteasy or Zillow. These sites make it difficult for landlords’ websites to be found. How can you find them? With a simple Google search like “landlords NYC” or “no fee landlords NYC”. This way, you’ll be easily able to find landlords’ names, websites and contact information.

It is even easier when considering buildings with doormans. Up to 80% of these types of buildings in Manhattan have in-house leasing offices which allow people to simply walk in and view apartments. This makes it easy for individuals searching for luxury apartments extremely easy to rent without a broker. It’s awesome to be able to just go and see them for free, considering that these apartments usually have higher broker fees associated with them.

I have not even started talking about different apps that gather landlord information directly and allow you to search for these landlord listings all in one platform. This is where the Oliver app comes in. The Oliver app allows you to search for listings and schedule showings directly on the app. And the best part is that all the apartments are no-fee. Awesome!!!!

With so many technological advances presented to us, why not take full advantage of them? Apartment searching seems like a tedious and hard task but with a few strategic Google searches along with apps like Oliver, you can find an apartment on your own and save a lot of money. Considering how expensive everything else in NYC is, this is well worth the effort!

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