Announcing The Free Speech Tech Alliance

If August 2017 has proven anything, it is that we are in a war to speak freely on the internet. The Free Speech Tech revolution has begun. There is no more dancing around this subject anymore. Silicon Valley companies are being propped up with billions of dollars from foreign interests. They are extraordinarily hostile to any form of conservatism, populism, and nationalism among other ideologies. Their employees, executives, and their users are all afraid to express themselves for fear of being fired or shamed by a dishonest and disgusting establishment media oligarchy.

Over half of Google employees polled said that the company should not have fired James Damore for writing a manifesto on the ideological echo chamber that exists within Google. How many of the remaining 50% of the company felt that they could not share their true feelings on the subject out of fear of also being fired?

In the free market of ideas, the best ideas will always win. When those ideas start to rise and challenge the establishment, they have no choice but to silence and censor. They have no choice but to purge any ideology that does not conform to their own echo chamber bubble world. They do not and can not relate to the average middle class family that can barely put food on the table. They care only about three things: money, power, and control. Enough is enough. The time is now for patriots and free thinkers inside and outside of Silicon Valley to organize, communicate in a safe way, and start building.

We are seeking engineers and technology industry workers from around the world who recognize the problems in tech, media, and our culture. We are offering 100 spots in a private invite-only community on Gab to network, share information, and discuss the future of alternative technology platforms that defend the liberties we all love. In time we hope to expand this group and grow, but for now it is of critical importance that each member passes through several layers of extreme vetting to join. We want folks who are builders. We want folks who are brave. We want folks who understand the importance of what is going on.

The Free Speech Tech Alliance is a passionate group of brave engineers, product managers, investors and others who are tired of the status quo in the technology industry. We are the defenders of free speech, individual liberty, and truth.

If that sounds like you, reach out to us on Gab at the Free Speech Tech Alliance account (@AltTech on Gab) and give the account a follow. Stay tuned for more information and our first round of applications.

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