Creators Can Now Make Money On Gab

Today we are excited to announce the release of Gab’s Premium Creator program. From day one Gab’s mission has been about putting people first and defending the freedom of expression. Across the establishment social networks content creators are being demonetized, no-platformed, or forced to walk on eggshells when creating content. Our goal is to create a peer-to-peer exchange of value between content creators and their fans, cutting out the middleman of advertisers completely.

Starting today GabPro members can start monetizing their content on Gab through our new subscription and tipping systems. To get started first you’ll need to make sure you have a GabPro account, which helps us keep Gab free of ads and unlocks some cool perks. Once you have a GabPro account head to the setting page of your profile and click the “making money” tab.

Read and accept our Gab Creators Agreement, enable the premium content creator button, and set your monthly price for premium content, and hit “save changes.”

Once enabled your account will become a Premium Creator and your followers will be able to subscribe for exclusive content.

If you’d like to create a subscriber-only post simply click the “Premium” box in the post composer. Anyone who is not a subscriber will not be able to see your exclusive content.

Once subscribed, all exclusive content will instantly be unlocked. Your subscribers can cancel their subscription at anytime.

Once you become a Gab Premium Content Creator all of your GabTV livestreams and videos will have tipping enabled so your fans can reward you as you stream or if they’ve enjoyed your uploaded video. Creators keep 80% of all tips and subscription payments, with 15% going to Gab for platform fees and 5% going to payment processing fees.

In the future we plan to integrate cryptocurrency options and plan to continue expanding upon this new and exciting opportunity for creators to make money doing what they love.

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